Energy Conservation


Print shops, no matter what size or what processes are being used, can often find ways to reduce energy use. Conserving energy and natural resources is a pollution prevention method that is often overlooked. There may be opportunities for pollution prevention in some fixed cost operations, such as lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Best Management Practices & Pollution Prevention

The following are suggestions to minimize energy use in a flexo facility: Retrofit ceiling fixtures with a reflector and switch the traditional four-fluorescent bulbs in a 2 ft by 4 ft fixture to a two-fluorescent bulb fixture (known as a T8 conversion). Some utilities offer rebate programs to help offset the financing of retrofits. Where appropriate, especially in offices, install occupancy sensors.

  • Use spray foam insulation to eliminate drafts.
  • Heavy duty mats and rugs can be installed to help insulate feet from the slab floor.
  • Determine the source of odors to attempt to eliminate them. Do not use increased air conditioning or ventilation as the sole source to alleviate the problem. Remember, when making changes, it is essential to have enough ventilation to keep the pressroom safe.
  • Make sure all dryers and oxidizers are maintained well to maximize their performance.
  • Compressed air needs should be evaluated and compressor equipment should be properly sized to fit the needs of the facility.
  • Compressed air lines and fittings should be checked regularly for leaks and the leaks fixed.

For access to vendors who may supply alternative materials and equipment, see the PNEAC Vendor Directory.