Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)

Hazardous Information Guide.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require that hazardous materials such as solvents, inks and cleanup solutions be marked with a Hazardous Materials Identification System label.

The HMIS label is a diamond-shaped label that is divided into four color-coded categories. The categories are rated by number from zero to four, indicating the degree of hazard. These categories are:

Health Hazard (blue). Indicates the health hazard of using a material with four being fatal.

Flammability (red). Indicates the material's flashpoint with four being below 73°F.

Reactivity (yellow). Indicates detonation sensitivity of a material with four being extreme.

Special (white). Indicates whether the material is a chemical base that might react violently with air and water. It also includes recommended personal protection equipment (PPE).

FIGURE 117 in FPP Vol. 6