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What is PNEAC?

1998 Videoconference Highlights: Home

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The third in the series of PNEAC videoconferences, Using Screen Printing Technologies for Business and Environmental Success, continued and built upon the success of its predecessors. A partnership between SGIA, PNEAC, EPA, and the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education organized a network of over 160 downlink sites, including:

  • over 30 screen printing education programs
  • 31 states
  • 1 Canadian province

Total viewership is estimated between 850 and 1000.

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Initial responses from participants are positive with high ratings and comments like these:

  • Interesting and informative videoconference.
  • It was a fine presentation, very helpful.
  • I felt this was a great seminar. I learned new items to ponder
  • I thought it was excellent.


Three video case studies were presented. Company representatives provided updates on their environmental progress since the case studies were filmed. This reflects the rapildy changing reality of the screen printing industry.

  1. Romo, Inc. showed an innovative screen cleaning process with solvent recirculation. Additional solvent substitution further lowered their environmental liability.
  2. T.S. Designs showcased an automated waterbased adhesive system and a greywater reuse loop.
  3. Modernistic, Inc. brought news of its experience with a computer-to-screen system, UV inks and laundered shop towels.

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Two panel discussions offered opportunities for audience members to ask questions. The studio was flooded with questions. The panel offered answers from a wide variety of expertise. Remaining questions were answered off-the-air as much as possible.

Industry experts were presented with realistic scenarios at two "typical" screen printers and asked for their sage advice about what the business owners should do. Several of the same experts were also given a minute to describe key business and environmental issues likely to face screen printers in the next several years.

Loally-focussed information followed the national broadcast in several states

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