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Screen Printing Videoconference Highlights: T.S. Designs Case Study

T.S. Designs has used process control, automation, and materials substitution to improve their environmental and business performance. A waterbased adhesive is used to hold the garments in place during printing. This is applied with an automated spray system which is tuned for the job.

f4_v1.0.jpg (113235 bytes)

The correct amount of adhesive is applied while the employee is accomplishing other tasks, thus increasing labor efficiency while minimizing raw material use.

f5_v1.0.jpg (128938 bytes)

The screen reclamation system uses a greywater recirculation tank instead of flushing water down the drain after one use.

f7_v1.0.jpg (44613 bytes)

Hazardous wastes have been eliminated from the screen reclamation process. Water pressure now does more of the job which had been done by aggressive chemicals.

f6_v1.0.jpg (132601 bytes)

For more information, contact T.S. Designs.



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