Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

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Lesson 2: Permitting Options and Requirements

Additional Documentation

Under the US EPA MSGP, you must check to see if endangered species, critical habitat, or protected historical properties are in proximity to your site or your discharges and may be affected by your site activities. The following summarizes these requirements:

  • Endangered Species Review - You must ensure that your activities do not adversely affect any federally-listed threatened or endangered species (or their critical habitat). If there are such threatened or endangered species (or critical habitat) on or in proximity to your site, you must meet one of several criteria identified in the permit. The MSGP provides a step-by-step guide for making such a determination. Addendum A of the MSGP-2000 [PDF].
  • Historical Register Review - You must determine whether your facility's stormwater discharges, allowable non-stormwater discharges, or construction of best management practices (BMPs) to control such discharges, have potential to affect a property that is either listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. See the "National Register of Historic Places," maintained by the National Park Service on its National Register Information System (NRIS).

    State information is available for State Historic Preservation Officers and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers. In instances where a Tribe does not have a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, applicants should contact the appropriate Tribal government office when responding to this permit eligibility condition.

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