Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

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Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

Stormwater Drain

Many industrial and commercial facilities that discharge wastewater are regulated under the Clean Water Act. One provision of the Clean Water Act addresses discharges of contaminated stormwater to navigable waterways. These types of discharges fall under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Industrial and commercial facilities that discharge contaminated Stormwater to a waterway may have to obtain a discharge permit. Under certain circumstances, a No Exposure Certification Waiver can be obtained in lieu of a stormwater discharge permit.

This program explains federal stormwater regulations for business, and the options available for compliance.

As you progress through these lessons, there are several key terms that are important to understand. Each key term is shown in BOLD letters. A link to a dictionary of terms is provided on the top of each page.

There are 3 lessons in this program:

Lesson 1: Background and applicability of stormwater regulations to businesses
Lesson 2: Permitting Options and Requirements
Lesson 3: No Exposure Certification provisions

At the end of each lesson, there are a set of review questions focusing on the information presented.

Stormwater Permitting Decision Tree

View the Stormwater Permitting Decision Tree, which shows the structure of the Lessons in this program.

Stormwater Photo Gallery

View the Stormwater Photo Gallery, which shows comparisons of compliant and non-compliant situations.

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