printreg,July,2004 Incident Reporting Requirements to DOT

printreg, July, 2004
Incident Reporting Requirements to DOT

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From: Debra Jacobson(
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:08:00
According to the DOT at 49 CFR 171.15 anyone in physical possession of a hazardous material must immediately report the following incidents if they occur during the course of transportation in commerce:

As a direct result of the hazardous material:
* A person is killed
* A person receives injuries requiring hospitalization
* A public evacuation is required for an hour or longer
* A major transportation artery or a facility is closed or shut down or an hour or longer
* An operational flight pattern or routine of an aircraft is altered

* Fire, breakage, spillage, or suspected contamination involving a radioactive material or an infectious substance (other than regulated medical waste or diagnostic specimens)

* Release of marine pollutants in greater than 119 gallons for liquids, or 882 pounds for solids

* Or a situation exists of such nature that in the judgment of the person in possession of the hazardous materials, it should be reported.

DOT defines immediate as "as soon as practical, but no later than 12 hours after the occurrence" of any of the above listed incidents. Immediate notification must be made to the National Response Center (NRC) by telephone at 1 800-424-8802. For incidents involving infectious substances, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) must be notified at 800-232-0124.

A written detailed incident report must also be submitted to RSPA within 30 days of discovery of any of the following incidents:
* One of the immediate notification trigger incidents
* Any unintentional release of a hazardous material or the discharge of any quantity of hazardous waste
* A specification cargo tank with a capacity of 1,000 gallons or more containing any hazardous material suffers structural damage to the lading retention system or damage that requires repair to a system intended to protect the lading retention system, even if there's no release of hazardous material
* An undeclared hazardous material is discovered.

DOT has recently developed a new incident report form for use in reporting any of the above mentioned incidents. The incident report form can be submitted by mail to:
Information Systems Manager
Research and Special Programs Administration Department of Transportation
Washington, DC 20590-0001

49 CFR 171.15 If the links provided above do not work visit and enter: Title: 49 Part: 171 Section: 15

Source: "reg of the day" listserv operated the Environmental Resource Center

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