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Re: Lock-out/tag-out enforcement of press cleaning

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From: peter phillips (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 21:12:28 CDT

I attended that session and am confident that the Runyan interpretation letter
and the accompanying explanation of "minor servicing" still applies. Where the
operator has sole control over the "safe/stop" button and only one person is
doing the work, washing blankets, cylinders, webbing up, plate and blanket
changes and clearing some jams are OK. The criteria really rests on the
operator control. If two people are required, lockout is required. If the
control is out of reach of the operator, lockout is required. Inch safe
method must be used. Hope it helps. Jay Phillips

Robert Gifford wrote:

> >From: Mike Rogovein <>
> >
> >At the recent NEHS conference in Cincinnati, there was discussion
> >concerning OSHA's revisiting their policy on how they inforce LO/TO regs in
> >regard to press cleaning. I don't remember who made the comments, but
> >hopefully someone in sight of the message can help.
> >
> >1> where do we now stand in regard to LO/TO during cleaning a press?
> >
> >2> is "cleaning a press" limited to removing ink, or can it be construed
> >to include cleaning a paper ball-up out of the machine?
> >
> >Thanks, Mike Rogovein
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