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Re: Fugitive emissions in heatset offset printing - EU Company

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Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 22:53:15 CST

There are two options for determining the diffuse emissions from these types
of printing presses. The first would be to perform a mass balance calculation
by taking into account all appropriate emission and retention factors for
input materials. According to studies conducted by the printing industry in
the US, EPA allows assumptions of 100% capture of ink oil, 40% for automatic
blanket washes with vapor pressures < 10 mm Hg at 20oC, 70% for isopropyl
alcohol substitutes, 50% for Isopropyl alcohol, and 50% retention in shop
towels for solvents with less than 10 mm Hg at 20oC.

The other approach would be to erect a temporary total enclosure and conduct
a gas to gas capture test. These types of tests conducted on US heatset
printers have found high degrees of capture efficiency (99+%) for all input
materials. EPA has a protocol for this type of testing. Because of the
previous studies on this subject, EPA does not require heatset printers to
conduct this testing as it is expensive.

Since I have answered your question, perhaps you answer two for me. What are
the other requirements imposed by the new rule and do you know if there are
any limits on ink jet inks?

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