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Requirements to Notify LEPC Who Your Emergency Coordinator Is

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From: Debra Jacobson(
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 11:23:18

Printing facilities that must have a spill response plan in place must comply with the SARA Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know requirements. As part of those requirements the facility must provide the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) with emergency coordinator contact information.

For more information about emergency response plans see the PNEAC fact sheet The Printer's One Plan Approach to the OSHA Hazard Communication Program, the EPA Emergency Response Plan, and the EPA Risk Management Plan

Debra Jacobson


[EPA 40 CFR 355.30(c)] SARA Title III Facility Emergency Coordinator Notification

According to Section 303 of SARA Title III, if your facility is subject to the emergency planning requirements of SARA Title III in accordance with Section 302, then you must provide your local emergency planning committee (or LEPC) with the name and contact information for your facility's emergency coordinator. This emergency coordinator must then participate in the LEPC's emergency planning activities. If your emergency coordinator changes, you should update this notification within 90 days of the change.

This requirement is codified at 40 CFR 355.30(c). To understand whether or not your facility is subject to sections 302 and 303 of SARA, you must know what hazardous chemicals present at your facility trigger the thresholds for these notification requirements.

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