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Waste Description on Haz Waste Manifest - DOT's New Requirements

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From: Debra Jacobson (
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:22:55

The U.S. DOT has finalized new regulations relating to the description of a hazardous waste on a hazardous waste manifest. See below for the summary and links to the full regulation.
Debra Jacobson


Hazardous Material Basic Description Sequence for Shipping Papers

49 CFR 172.202 indicates the required order of the hazardous materials description on shipping papers. The proper shipping name is listed first, followed by the hazard class/division, identification number, and packing group. The subsidiary risks may be entered following the primary hazard or the packing group.

Beginning October 1, 2005, subsidiary hazard classes or divisions will be required by DOT and will have to be inserted in parenthesis following the primary hazard of the material. Recently, the DOT issued an acceptable alternate sequence for the description. The new optional sequence is the identification number is listed first, followed by the proper shipping name, the primary hazard class/division and subsidiary risks, followed by the packing group. This optional sequence, published in the Federal Register on July 31, 2003, was authorized by DOT to harmonize US regulations with the international regulations for shipping dangerous goods.

Access 49 CFR on-line, visit
Title: 49
Part: 172
Section: 202

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