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Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 14:11:43 CDT

To All:

The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
(CEC), with the active participation of the U.S. EPA and the
environment ministries in Canada and Mexico, has released the
third annual Taking Stock Report. This report provides the public
with an international picture of the releases and transfers for
waste management of toxic chemicals by industrial facilities. By
analyzing comparable data from the U.S. right-to-know program,
the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), and the Canadian
right-to-know program, the National Pollutant Release Inventory
(NPRI), the report helps the public gain a better understanding
of how industrial facilities manage their toxic chemical waste,
including releases.

Through this report, the public can learn how different
industrial sectors, chemicals, or states and provinces compare
across the United States and Canada. Comparable data from
Mexico's Registro de Emisiones y Tranferencia de Contaminantes,
which in 1996 was under development, will be included in future
Taking Stock reports.

As a member of the Council to the CEC, EPA Administrator Carol M.
Browner has worked with her counterparts from Canada and Mexico
to demonstrate North American commitment to the public's right to
know about toxic chemical releases and waste management in their
communities. At a recent CEC Council meeting held in Banff,
Canada, the three environment ministers re-emphasized this point
and further stated their support for mandatory reporting in all

The EPA will continue to work with the CEC on future releases of
the Taking Stock Report and on efforts to increase the ability to
compare data from the right-to-know programs. For more
information, the public can access the CEC's Internet site at: and at:
Information about Mexico's program is available at: Information on the U.S. TRI
program can be found at:

Gary Jones

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