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RMP UPDATE - Propane

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 15:16:13 CDT

         4/27/99 2:43 PM

To printers who may be otherwise unaware of this recent development regarding Risk Management Plans (RMP), you may like to know that US EPA issued on April 20th a document that addresses a PROPOSED interim stay of the RMP rule as it applies to facilities
 required to file an RMP for flammable hydrocarbons such as propane used solely as fuels (e.g., heating and drying). This interim stay would apply to those facilities with a capacity of anything less than 18,000 gallons or the equivalent of 67,000 pounds

WARNING: Though EPA's announcement was that it "intends to issue" a interim stay, EPA has not as yet issued the stay. This means smaller propane users (those with >10,000 pounds of propane) should continue to develop their RMP while monitoring developmen
ts at EPA.

You can monitor the progress of EPA issuing this proposed stay by sending an e-mail to <>. Type in all capitals: "SUBSCRIBE EPA-RMP" and include your name.

For a look at EPA's document of April 20th, go to <>.

I have been told that when EPA issues the proposed interim stay it will also address the issue of what to do with the data from now exempted facilities that have already submitted their RMP and would no longer be required to do so. The issue here is to N
OT have that data posted on the soon-to-be opened EPA website <RMP*Info>.

Hope this is useful to the many printers who may have been snared by this new regulation!

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

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