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Weekly Region V Report (edited)

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From: Anita Singh (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 10:05:29 CDT

Thought this might be of interest to the Printreg and GPP Listserve Members. Sorry for the double message sent to all those on both listserves -- anita

Weekly Region V Report (Edited)

July 10, 1998

TITLE: Model Permit Conditions Workgroup Meeting

ACTION SUMMARY: On June 30 and July 1, 1998, a meeting of the Printer's Simplified Total Environmental Partnership Model Permit Conditions Workgroup was held in Washington D.C. This workgroup consists of members from EPA, several State environmental agencies as well as printing associations and printers. The purpose of the meeting was to identify the main regulatory issues for printers and develop a framework for model permit conditions for all media. The intent is to develop a multi-media permit for printers that would incorporate the air, stormwater, wastewater and hazardous waste elements into a single permit document. A central part of this permit development process is to establish different control, record keeping, and testing requirements based on the printer's level of emissions. Under this system, smaller emitting sources will have less stringent requirements than larger ones. This workgroup is currently involved in developing the actual model permit conditions.

CONTACT PERSON: Steve Rosenthal TELEPHONE: (312) 886-6052

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