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Re: Inclement Weather Safety Policies

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 17:43:49 CDT

                      RE: Inclement Weather Safety Policies 6/10/98
At the John Roberts Company we do address as a part of our Emergency Procedures the issue of dangerous weather conditions. The "plan" spells out how we will alert our employees, directs them to where they can take cover, and informs them about how the "all clear" will be communicated. We have recently purchased and installed suitable weather alert radios that can be monitored in the event of serious weather conditions.

We were able to address this issue with just a few paragraphs of information in our written plans. Each year, all employees receive refresher training at the time they get their annula E-R-T-K training (in February). We have also addressed this issue at a monthly safety training session at the beginning of the season for dangerous weather (i.e. tornados).

Hope this helps somewhat. You're raising this question makes me wonder whether we need to revisit this issue and perhaps raise the level of our current planning. Is there some new reg that is driving your question?

Regards, Jeff Adrian, The John Roberts Company
Scottray wrote:
>I recently received a request for examples of inclement weather safety
>policies adopted by other printing companies. I couldn't find any in my files
>so I am soliciting volunteers to fax or email me a copy of thier company's
>policies and procedures that ensure employee safety during severe weather.
>Thank you for your help!
>Scott Schuler
>Printing Industry of MN
>fax: 612-379-6030
>phone: 612-379-6006
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