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printreg, October, 2002
Electrical Guarding Requirements

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From: Debra Jacobson (djacobson@istc.illinois.edu)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:24:23

Are you aware that electrical panels for equipment as well as building systems must be kept closed at all times according to both fire protection requirements (NFPA) as well as OSHA regulations? See below for a summary of the OSHA electrical panel guarding requirements.
Debra Jacobson

Guarding of live electrical parts.

According to 29 CFR 1910.303(g)(2)(i), live parts of electric equipment operating at 50 volts or more must be guarded against accidental contact. Guarding may be by means of approved cabinets or other forms of approved enclosures, or by any of the following:
* By location in a room, vault, or similar enclosure that is accessible only to qualified persons.
* By suitable permanent, substantial partitions or screens so arranged that only qualified persons will have access to the space within reach of the live parts. Any openings in such partitions or screens must be sized and located such that people are not likely to come into accidental contact with the live parts or to bring conducting objects into contact with them.
* By location on a suitable balcony, gallery, or platform, elevated and arranged to exclude unqualified persons.
* By elevation of 8 feet or more above the floor or other working surface.

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