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printreg, September, 2002
Info Needed in a Storm Water Discharge Permit Application

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From: Debra Jacobson (djacobson@istc.illinois.edu)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:30:05

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The following is a briefing about some of the information needed in a storm water discharge permit application. Note, the best strategy for fulfilling these requirements is eliminating the need for the permit at all. One key way a printer can begin to eliminate the need for the permit is to keep all materials and equipment stored inside a building or under a permanent covered area. Items such as pallets, press parts, drums, etc. should be kept inside or protected from precipitation coming in contact with the surface. This also includes dumpsters/waste containers which should be covered or closed.
Debra Jacobson

What is required in the application for an individual permit for storm water discharges from my already existing industrial facility?

According to 40 CFR 122.26(c)(1)(i)(C), (D), and (E) operators of facilities with storm water discharges associated with industrial activity must provide certain facility-specific information to the permitting authority in order to obtain storm water discharge permit coverage.

In addition to submitting a site-map outlining certain facility characteristics, operators must provide a certification that all outfalls have been tested for the presence of non-storm water discharges. A variety of methods, from dye tests to TV survey analysis, may be used to determine whether a discharge is composed entirely of storm water. The certification must include a description of the method used to test the outfall, the date the testing took place, and the on-site drain points that were directly observed during the test.

Operators must also submit any existing information about the facility that would help regulators develop the individual permit.

Any information regarding significant leaks or spills (spills exceeding the reportable quantity of a hazardous substance or releases of oil) that have occurred at the facility in the past three years must be submitted with the individual permit application. In addition, any results from previous quantitative data collected during storm events must be provided.

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