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printreg, June, 2002
Re: Paper Cutting/Shredding and Air Permits

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From: Gary Jones (gjonesprinting@aol.com )
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2002 15:42:30

There are several issues that are involved in your inquiry. The first question is the fate of the dust being released from the cutting and trimming operations. There are several common scenarios found in print shops associated with paper cutting and shredding and they range from small shops with no centralized waste paper collection through centralized ones where cyclones are used to create the vacuum to collect the scrap and trim and deposit into a baler.

Usually, dust that is not released to the atmosphere is not considered a permitable release. For example, even printers with large centralized systems whose exhaust is ducted back into the building do not require an air permit. However, other states will permit this equipment regardless of the where the exhausted is ducted. You need to check with the permitting authority to determine the permitting requirement for these types of dust sources and the threshold for permitting. In Kansas, it is my understanding that the particulate matter threshold is 5 pounds per hour and 2.5 pounds per hour for PM10.

The second issue is determining the actual emission rate of dust from the operation. To the best of my knowledge, there are no established emission factors that can be easily applied to determine dust size and emission rates. This information needs to be derived either through a mass balance or measurement. While I have some data on this, it is very limited in scope. In fact, if someone has some dust data that they are willing to share, I would like have a copy of it.

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