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printreg, May, 2002
Smoke Detectors

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From: Doreen Monteleone (dmonteleone@flexography.org)
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 14:07:38

I have received the following question from one of our members in Mexico regarding the number of smoke detectors required in a printing facility.

It is a facility that is operated 24/7. I've already suggested that he contact his local fire department and ask for someone to come in and review their facility.

This was his response:
We received a recommendation to install a number of detectors that sounds just awfully big and impractical. The Mexican Law does not impose a number, but just a Guide as a reference.

We have several Gravure and some Flexo Presses in our Plant, located in Zacapu, about 260 mi. West of Mexico City.

All of our stations have CO2 Automatic, with Alarm, Fire supressing systems (which we maintain well, under a Program); we have at least two operators per press, so we really see a very remote possibility of a fire of such dimensions in which a smoke detector, installed over the ceiling, could do much help. I mean, if a fire ever appeared (by the way, we've had over five years without one), it would definitely be first noticed by people, rather than by a smoke detector.

I am pretty sure you know many facilities somewhat similar to ours. How many detectors would be installed in a typical, well protected facility? What is your personal experience? Maybe one or two, or more per press?

Does anyone have any input based on their facilities?

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