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Shop Towel On Site Recycling

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From: Andrew Maxwell (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 04:53:33 CDT

I am looking for some advice on regulations affecting the transportation of
shop towels between a printer who has several facilities in the same State.

We are looking at installing a Shop Towel On Site Recycling System at a
Printers facility and having the used shop towels from his other facilities
transported to that facility for recycling.

The Shop Towel On Site Recycling System is basically a dry cleaning system
which uses the printers own blanket wash to clean the towels, and then
distills the used solvent for reuse as blanket wash in the plant. (It has
virtually zero VOC's as the whole system is kept under negative pressure).
Due to its capital cost, it only provides a payback within 2 years if the
printer uses more than 5000 shop towels per week. For printers with
several plants within easy transportation distance this volume may be
achieved by bringing towels from several plants.

Currently we are looking at installations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas and

Are you aware of the answers to any of the following:

1) Is it required to manifest the shop towels between two locations of the
same printer (in the same State)?

2) Does the ruling changes if the towels are transported across State

3) Are there pre treatment standards in these States?

4) Would the installation of the unit require a license either for the
equipment, or as a TSDF facility?

5) Who are the appropriate people in each State to talk to, to get some
rulings on this issue, that we can pass on to the printers?

Any assistance you can give would be most appreciated, especially if you
can let me know of good local contacts who can help steer us through the
regulatory issues in each area (either those stated or others for future

Maratek Environmental
1 800 667 6272 (Tel)
1 905 857 2764 (Fax)

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