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From: Robert Gifford (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 16:59:42 CDT

Here is an updated description of the Printreg listserv. New items
include: archives update, printech-and-printreg list available.

PRINTREG is an e-mail "listserv." As a listserv, PRINTREG uses
e-mail to facilitate quick, focused communication among its members on a
range of specific topics. PRINTREG is focused on the development,
application and interpretation of environmental regulations affecting
printers. PRINTREG provides a forum for regulators to discuss different
approaches to specific printing-related regulatory issues, and to solicit
informal feedback from industry experts.

A companion listserv, PRINTECH, focuses on technical issues addressing
compliance and pollution prevention for printers. To subscribe to
PRINTECH, fill out the form at
or send a request to: <>.
Note in the message that you are already subscribed to PRINTREG.

Subscribers from every area of the printing community are welcome.
Printers, vendors, academics, regulatory agency employees,
environmental organizations, and many others are all represented.
Many of the subscribers to PRINTREG are state and federal
regulators. Additional subscribers include technical staff from
several printing trade associations, from small business compliance
and technical assistance programs, and from state/university
pollution prevention technical assistance programs. PRINTREG
enables participants to get quick feedback and input on such
printing-related regulatory issues as: RACT rule development,
reporting requirements, emission limits, use of self-certified
compliance assurance, and ... ?

Think of PRINTREG as an e-mail version of a "smart mailbox ." If you
put a question in the mailbox, it automatically sends the questions to
everyone on a list. When it gets a response to a question, the mailbox
then gives you a copy as well as anyone on the list. Others can send
supplemental responses, but correspondence is always copied to everyone on
the list.

To ask a question, or to reply to someone else's inquiry, simply send
a message to the posting address:


Email posted to this address will be sent to all subscribers,
and responses likewise will be automatically sent to all subscribers.

Your message posted to the list needs to come from the address at
which you are subscribed in order for the distribution software to
recognize you as a member of the list. You may view all subscription
addresses by sending a message to <> which
contains only the line: "who printreg". Messages posted by
non-subscribers are forwarded to the list manager who can post them.
If a colleague of yours wants to post a message, please ask them to
contact the list manager to be subscribed to the list or post it from
your account by forwarding their message to the posting address.

Messages sent to the list are archived. This archive is
viewable from the Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center
website starting at
The archives will soon be searchable.

Because many subscribers belong to both listservs, a message sent to
both PRINTREG and PRINTREG will end up creating two messages in many
users' mailboxes. To avoid the frustration of unnecessary messages,
we have created a separate list which will send all subscribers to
either list only one copy of a message. To use this combined list,
send your message to <>

Robert Gifford
Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center, and
Univ. of Wisconsin - Extension
Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center
610 Langdon St., rm 531
Madison WI, 53703
Voice: 608-262-1083 Fax: 608-262-6250

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