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From: Wayne Pferdehirt (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 19:21:15 CDT

I recently received a notice about an environmental newsletter and
software that I thought Printreg subscribers might want to know

I am wary and careful about commercial promotion on the
PNEAC listservs, but it seems this notice is within bounds.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

G R E E T I N G S!

Pardalis Software is offering a free subscription to The Pardalis
EnviroSafe eLetter, a weekly e-mail publication which consolidates and
summarizes environmental and safety issues published in the federal
register during the preceding week.

Below is the Index to the July 15th publication of the eLetter.

Again, this publication may presently be subscribed to without fee or
charge though it is anticipated that in early 1998 a reasonable
subscription fee will be established.

If you are interested in subscribing go to

and follow the instructions for completing the short, automated
subscription form. If you find that the eLetter is not for you,
it is just as easy to unsubscribe.

While you are there you are also welcome to download a Shareware/Demo
version of our EPCRA / SARA Title III software.

Thanks. Hope to hear from you.

Steve Holcombe
Pardalis Software

T H E P A R D A L I S E N V I R O S A F E e L E T T E R
A Weekly Update of Environmental & Safety Issues

Volume No. 1, Issue No. 8 (Printech/Printreg) / July 15, 1997

Editor : Steven L. Holcombe, J.D.


01. RFG & Conventional Gasoline Programs
02. Steam Operating Units
03. Municipal Waste Conductors - Wayne Co., MI
04. Municipal Waste Conductors -Oregon (I)
05. Municipal Waste Conductors -Oregon (II)
06. Halon Blends - Proposed Bans
07. Air Toxics Program Delegated To Indiana
08. PSD Program - Potawatomi Lands, WI
09. SIP Revision - Kansas
10. SIP Revision - CA - Yalo-Solano (I)
11. SIP Revision - CA - Yalo-Solano (II)
12. SIP Revision - CA
     El Dorado County APCD
     Kern County APCD
     Placer County APCD
     Santa Barbara APCD
13. SIP Revision - CA - S.F. Bay Area
14. Title V Operating Permits - WV
15. Retrofit/Rebuild Program - Nelson Industries
16. SIP Revision - Texas (I)
17. SIP Revision - Texas (II)
18. Exemption To Land Disposal Restrictions - TX
19. Fungicide Azoxystrobin Tolerances
20. Pesticide Petitions:
     Herbicide Triclopyr .
     Herbicide Clopyralid
     Herbicide Pyrithiobac Sodium Salt
     Insecticide Lambda-Cyhalothrin
21. Pesticide Petitions:
     Fungicide Propiconazole
     Insecticide Cyromazine
22. Pesticide Exemption Request By CA:
23. Pesticide Exemption Request By AR, MD, NY, OK, PA & VA:
24. Lambda-Cyhalothrin Tolerances In Rice
25. Pesticide Exemption Request By FL:
26. U.S.T. Program - District Of Columbia
27. Notice Of Deletion From NPL - PA
28. Proposed NPDES Storm Water MSGP Expansion
29. Liquefied Natural Gas Regs - Amendment
30. Tankermen/PIC Qualifications - Dangerous Liquids/Gases
31. Oxygen Generators - Notice
32. Municipal Solid Waste Settlment Proposal
33. Endocrine Disruptors Meeting
34. President's NAFTA Effects Report To Congress

Appendix I. GPO Access Online
Appendix II. Government Websites
Appendix III. E-mail the Editor
Appendix IV. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
Appendix V. About Pardalis Software

Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP
U. of Wis., Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center
610 Langdon Street, Room 529, Madison, WI 53703-1195
Phone: 608/265-2361 Fax: 608/262-6250

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