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Re: Title V Operating Permits

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From: Debra Kramer (
Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 17:53:00 CDT


In Illinois the Title V Program does include p2 integration.
 Additionally all IL permit applications with P2 from printers are given
priority at the Illinois EPA

Debra Kramer
Waste Management & Research Ctr. - IL DNR
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Chicago, IL 60624
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From: Gary Miller[]
Sent: Friday, May 23, 1997 2:08 PM
Subject: Title V Operating Permits

The message below was posted to the P2reg listserver. I thought some of
us on the PRINTREG listserver might have an answer for Sharon. Any
responses posted to PRINTREG I'll pass on to the P2reg folks.

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>Have other states successfully integrated p2 into their Title V
permitting processes? We are just getting started with the permitting
program, and based on some initial discussions with our air staff, there
seem to be some opportunities to push p2. However, I am concerned that
we if we wait too long we might miss our window of opportunity (or at
least opportunity to
>affect the first batch of applications). Any examples?
>On a separate issue, at long last one of our regional offices has
expressed an interest in developing a protocol related to the working
relationship between the regional (regulatory) staff and staff from my
office (which is a non-regulatory p2 program). We are trying to develop
something which would define the process for making referrals, working
pilot projects, etc. Are there any examples from other states?
>Thanks alot.
>Sharon K. Baxter, Pollution Prevention Manager
>Office of Pollution Prevention
>VA Department of Environmental Quality
>PO Box 10009
>Richmond VA 23240-0009
>(804) 698-4344
>(804) 698-4346 fax
Gary D. Miller
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Illinois Waste Management and Research Center
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Champaign, IL 61820

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