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Re: Printing Specific Compliance/P2/Safety Manuals or Guides

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From: Gary Miller (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 13:22:41 CDT


Good. Thanks for taking the initiative on this. One thing I'd like to see
in the listing is the title of the manual.


At 08:00 AM 4/10/97 PDT, you wrote:
>Folks, I apologize for the confusion about the attachment, apparently the
>file did not copy into the e-mail message properly. At the bottom of
>this e-mail I have inserted a "sample" of the information I am looking
>for to add to this list of state specific compliance guides.
>Deb Kramer
> ----------
>From: Debra Kramer
>Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 1997 4:09 PM
>To: Printech, Printreg
>Subject: Printing Specific Compliance/P2/Safety Manuals or Guides
>Printech and Printreg Subscribers,
>I have spoke to many of you on the telephone or via internet regarding
>the various manuals specific to printing that have been developed or are
>in the process of being developed. I am currently compiling a list of
>all related manuals that will be posted on the PNEAC web site for your
>reference (and available in hard copy). These include all printing
>types, not just litho.
>The reference list will include the state or region, type of printing
>(litho, gravure, flexo, screen, digital, or general printing), name of
>the manual, contact name, address, phone and fax, and Completion date or
>date of last Update.
>I do NOT want to miss any state or group that is or has developed this
>type of printing specific state or regional manual. So PLEASE e-mail me
>(directly) and let me know about the initiatives in your state or region.
> Please do not assume that I have yours added to my list because you
>recently spoke with me about your manual. I don't want to miss any or
>have any incorrect contact information.
>NOTE: These manuals DO NOT have to be new.
>Below is a sample of what I am putting together. Thanks to all of you
>for your assistance!
> Completed
> or Last
>State/Province Printing Type Updated Contact Address Phone
>Illinois Litho Jan, 97 Eva Aloia PII 312/704-5000
> 70 E. Lake Fax:
> Chicago, Il 312/704-5025
>Debra Kramer
>IL Waste Mgt Research Ctr - IL DNR
>(Printers Natl Enviro Assistance Ctr)
>3333 W. Arthington
>Chicago, IL 60624
>773/265-8336 FAX

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