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Re: Printing Specific Compliance/P2/Safety Manuals or Guides

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From: Debra Kramer (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 10:00:00 CDT

Folks, I apologize for the confusion about the attachment, apparently the
file did not copy into the e-mail message properly. At the bottom of
this e-mail I have inserted a "sample" of the information I am looking
for to add to this list of state specific compliance guides.

Deb Kramer
From: Debra Kramer
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 1997 4:09 PM
To: Printech, Printreg
Subject: Printing Specific Compliance/P2/Safety Manuals or Guides

Printech and Printreg Subscribers,
I have spoke to many of you on the telephone or via internet regarding
the various manuals specific to printing that have been developed or are
in the process of being developed. I am currently compiling a list of
all related manuals that will be posted on the PNEAC web site for your
reference (and available in hard copy). These include all printing
types, not just litho.

The reference list will include the state or region, type of printing
(litho, gravure, flexo, screen, digital, or general printing), name of
the manual, contact name, address, phone and fax, and Completion date or
date of last Update.

I do NOT want to miss any state or group that is or has developed this
type of printing specific state or regional manual. So PLEASE e-mail me
(directly) and let me know about the initiatives in your state or region.
 Please do not assume that I have yours added to my list because you
recently spoke with me about your manual. I don't want to miss any or
have any incorrect contact information.

NOTE: These manuals DO NOT have to be new.

Below is a sample of what I am putting together. Thanks to all of you
for your assistance!

               or Last
State/Province Printing Type Updated Contact Address Phone

Illinois Litho Jan, 97 Eva Aloia PII 312/704-5000
           70 E. Lake Fax:
                                 Chicago, Il 312/704-5025


Debra Kramer
IL Waste Mgt Research Ctr - IL DNR
(Printers Natl Enviro Assistance Ctr)
3333 W. Arthington
Chicago, IL 60624
773/265-8336 FAX

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