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Wisconsin Consolidated Reporting Update (Revised --Lesson don't do spell check when you are talking to someone)

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From: Lynn Persson - SW/3, 267-3763 (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 10:30:00 CST

Update on Wisconsin's Consolidated Reporting Project

The letter that follows was sent out January 16, 1997
to approximately 100 printers in Wisconsin. Last week
we sent the "statewide" version of the consolidated
reporting package to over 3500 other facilities in

Information on how to obtain a copy of the disk
follows the letter as well as a list of the team that
pulled Wisconsin's Consolidated Reporting Package
together. Our thanks to them and everyone who
supported us in this effort.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource
Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707

January, 1997

Dear Printer :

During the past year a team of Wisconsin DNR staff
and representatives from the printing industry,
University of Wisconsin-Extension/SHWEC,
environmental organizations and the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked together
to develop a user-friendly one-stop environmental
reporting system for lithographic printers. Their
goal as part of the Great Printers Project was:

     "To develop a consolidated reporting option for
     lithographic printers that is stated in a way
     that minimizes redundancy and confusion,
     prevents pollution, can be understood by an
     intelligent business person that is not an
     expert in environmental matters and meets DNR
     program and public needs for good environmental

The printing industry is serving as a pilot industry
sector in Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource's
effort to consolidate environmental reporting
requirements and make reporting easier and more
efficient for both facilities and DNR. In
cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, we are coordinating the reporting of data for
the annual Air Emission Inventory (ALI), the
Hazardous Waste Annual Report (H), and the annual
Toxic Release Inventory (TORI) for all reporting
facilities in the state.

Enclosed is your Consolidated Reporting disk for
calendar year 1996. The disk combines the already
existing three electronic reporting systems (ALI, H,
TORI) into one complete package. This way, your
facility receives only a single mailing from the DNR.

Complete instructions for filling out each of the
three sections are available on the disk. The
instructions can be viewed on-line or you may choose
to print them for your own reference. For
information on installing the Consolidated Reporting
System and an overview of the system's features,
refer to the attached sheet.

The Consolidated Reporting System will not change
your facility's reporting requirements. You only
need to fill out those reports which your facility is
legally required to submit. Many facilities may only
need to fill out one report. Others may need to fill
out all three reports (ALI, H, TORI). One of the
features of this Consolidated Reporting System is the
ability to help you determine which report(s) you
should fill out. The system does this by leading
you through a series of questions and answers about
operations at your facility, then highlights the
report(s) that appear to be required.

The Hazardous Waste Annual Report and the Air
Emission Inventory must be submitted to the
Department by March 1st, 1997. By agreement with
U.S. EPA, you may also submit the Toxic Release
Inventory at the same time (March 1st), or you may
wait and submit the TORI report by the July 1, 1997
due date.

As a printer, you are receiving a special version of
the consolidated reporting disk. It is similar to
the disks sent other types of facilities in the
state, but contains several unique features

     * Sections that contain guidance and examples
          that are specific to the printing industry;

     * A choice of filling out the standard
          version of the air emission inventory
          portion of the report or a customized
          version for printers (We anticipate that
          the printer specific version will be
          especially valuable for facilities that are
          filling out the report for the first time);

     * Access to a wide array of waste reduction
          and compliance assistance information
          developed by the University of Wisconsin-
          Extension/SHWEC, PIW, GAFF and others, for
          printers through the technical assistance
          menu option found on the disk;

     * A spreadsheet that you can use to help
          organize your facility's air emissions
          inventory data for 1997. This spreadsheet
          is provided based on suggestions from
          printers that participated in the project.

I personally encourage you to take time to review the
valuable waste reduction and technical assistance
information included with this disk and take
advantage of the free, non-regulatory waste reduction
assistance services provided by the University of
Wisconsin-Extension/SHWEC. Waste reduction can be an
efficient and cost effective option for protecting
the environment and improving your company's bottom

This consolidated reporting effort is only one of a
number of activities underway as part of Wisconsin's
Great Printers Project to work cooperatively with
printers in the Great Lakes Area to prevent pollution
and improve productivity and competiveness. For
instance, Printing Industries of Wisconsin is
coordinating an effort to develop a compliance guide
for printers; UW-Extension/SHWEC has a national
teleconference on Green and Profitable Printing
scheduled for this fall and has a wealth of waste
reduction technical information available for
printers; Citizens for a Better Environment is
working with print buyers to promote Great Printing
and a number of compliance assistance workshops for
printers are being scheduled.

We hope the electronic Consolidated Reporting System
makes your environmental reporting easier and
improves the quality of information collected.
After you complete your reporting, we would
appreciate it if you would take a few moments to
complete the survey and comments section.

Developing the printer specific version of
consolidated reporting took significant effort. The
team that developed this pilot is interested in your
honest feedback as to what degree they achieved their
objectives with this pilot project. Did the printer-
specific version make your job easier and save you
time? What suggestions do you have to help us
improve future electronic reporting systems? Would
you recommend that we work with other industries in
Wisconsin to develop a customized reporting form for

In another effort to assist the printing Industry, I
have recently appointed Mike Sloat to be the
Department of Natural Resource's Printing Sector
Specialist. You can contact him at 608/273-5608 to
help find answers to your regulatory questions.

If you have not already done so, I urge you to
consider becoming a Great Printer. You can contact
PIW at 414/785-9090, DNR at 608/266-1962, or UW-
Extension/SHWEC at 608/265-2361 for more information
about the Great Printers Project.

My thanks to all of you that have contributed to help
us develop this printer-customized consolidated
reporting package and to those who continue to help
by your feedback.


George Meyer, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


If other states and programs are interested in a copy
of the program you can send an email to Gail North
at "" requesting a copy of the
disk. Be sure to include your mailing address. The
1996 version contains a "short version" of the
hazardous waste annual report. We also have an
electronic "full version" of the hazardous waste
annual report that is used on "odd numbered" years to
meet the EPA biennial report requirements.

Wisconsin's Consolidated Reporting Committee
(Current Members and Past Contributors*)

     Gail North, WDNR, Integrated Science Services
     Ralph Patterson, WDNR, Air Management
     Deb Reddeman/Ed Lynch*, WDNR, Waste Management
     Wes Taylor, WDNR, Integrated Science Services
     Tom Aten, WDNR, Integrated Science Services
     Victoria Stone, WDNR, Coop. Env. Assist.
     Lynda Wiese, WDNR, Coop. Env. Assist.
     Tom Eggert*, WDNR, Management & Budget
     Lynn Persson, WDNR, Coop. Env. Assist. (Chair)
     Bill Johnson, Printing Industries of Wisconsin
     Tom Estock, Quad Graphics
     Beverly Craig*, consultant
     Wayne Pferdehirt/Bob Gifford, U.W.-Exten./SHWEC
     Tom Blewett, U.W. - Extension/SHWEC
     Dan Boehm,* U.W. - Extension/SHWEC
     Patricio Silva* - Citizens for a Better Environ.
     Liz Wessel - Citizens for a Better Environ.
     Bill Davis - Environmental Defense Fund
     Nikki Roy/Sheila Canavan - U.S. EPA
     Steve Newburg-Rinn/Diane Sheridan - U.S. EPA
     Phil Kaplan - U.S. EPA Region V
In addition many printers and other facilities
provided input into the development of the
consolidated reporting package and helped us test it.

Lynn Persson
WI Department of Natural Resources
Box 7921 (WA/3), Madison, WI 53597-7921
Phone: 608/267-3763 FAX: 608/267-2768

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