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From: Wayne Pferdehirt (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1996 - 14:26:14 CDT

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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 14:18:34 +0100
From: (Krista Johnsen Leuteritz)
Subject: web sites of interest

FYI - Krista

 US EPA Home Page redesigned

               The United States Environmental Protection Agency
          a new home page on October 15, 1996 that is designed to be
          more intuitive for all users of the EPA and its information.
           Among its features, the new site includes six user
          categories: Kids, Students and Teachers, Concerned Citizens,
          Researchers and Scientists, Business and Industry, and
          State, Local, and Tribal Governments. The user categories
          contain a selection of links to material that is appropriate
          and of interest for their respective category.
               Topical categories have been retained and refined from
          previous site and include: About EPA; EPA News; Offices,
          Regions & Labs; Programs and Initiatives; Regulatory
          Information; Contracts, Grants and Financing; Publications;
          Information Services; and Systems and Software. Additional
          features include a browse function to connect to offices
          dealing with specific environmental issues and a search
          screen that allows searching the entire site or specific
          areas of the EPA's web resources.

Code of Federal Regulations - Official Electronic Copy


               The effort to significantly increase public access to
          CFR is a joint project of the CFR's publisher, the National
          Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal
          Register, and the Government Printing Office, (GPO), which
          continues to sell paper Federal Register issues and CFR
          volumes through its Superintendent of Documents Sales
               The new CFR volumes appear online as WAIS databases,
          accessible through the World Wide Web, with WAIS client
          software, or via telnet or dial-in access. The initial
          titles introduced include: Title 20 (Parts 400-499)
          Employees' Benefits, Title 21 (all parts) Food and Drugs and
          Title 40 (Parts 87 to 135) Protection of the Environment.
          Titles will be added incrementally throughout calendar years
          1996 and 1997 until a complete set is available. GPO is in
          the process of reconfiguring workforces and procedures in an
          attempt to make all CFR volumes available online concurrent
          with their release in print.

Krista Johnsen Leuteritz
Environmental Projects Manager
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
National Institute for Standards and Technology
Building 301 Room C100
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001
Fax 301-926-3787
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