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VOC Test Methods

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From: Daniel A. Boehm (SHWEC) (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 09:30:50 CDT

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From: <> (Art Coleman )
Subject: VOC Test Methods
Date: Tue Aug 6 08:56:48 1996

Interestingly, the USEPA promulgated organic emission standards for tanks,
surface impoundments, and containers (storing hazardous wastes), December 6,
1994 (FR, Vol. 59, No. 233). The standards included two new test methods for
measuring organic vapor pressure (Method 25E) and the volatile organic
concentration (Method 25D) of hazardous wastes. These are air standard test
methods. Method 25D was promulgated in a separate rulemaking (FR 19402,
April 22, 1994). I do know the circumstances under which these methods are
used or mandated under other authorities or air emission regulations.

Art Coleman
Ohio EPA
Division of Hazardous Waste Management
(614) 644-2917

Date: Monday, August 5, 1996 4:42 pm
Subject: Re: Modified Method 24 (SMTP Id#: 664)

I would appreciate any information on this test method as we are having
problems with VOC content information. It is my understanding that this
modified method results in lower VOC figures which may or may not be

Any input from EPA on whether or not a modified method 24, not adopted
by US EPA, is an acceptable test method to use when reporting VOC
content information?
Marci Kinter

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