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Draft Study of P2 Motivation

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Date: Mon Jul 29 1996 - 17:19:07 CDT

Please set aside some time between August 16 and September 9 to
review and comment on a draft #Study of Industry Motivation for
Pollution Prevention.# US EPA#s Pollution Prevention Policy Staff (PPPS)
is currently preparing the draft and will send it to subscribers of the
#NPPR# and #Printreg# listservs on August 16. To meet our tight
publication deadline, we must have all comments in by September 9.

The study is being undertaken by PPPS and co-sponsored by the U.S.
Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, and Department of
Energy. The study is also being performed as part of the Great Printers
Project. With this study, PPPS seeks to learn whether and how
environmental issues influence core business decisions in order to
better understand how various public policy tools motivate pollution
prevention in industry.

To carry out this study, PPPS familiarized itself with prior work on the
issue, spent a year carrying out a prototype study (discussed at the
December Roundtable meeting), and developed a questionnaire and
methodology based on the prototype. An EPA-hired professional
survey company has already completed 1000 calls to
randomly-selected printers and TRI-respondents and gathered
information from other sources about the extent to which each of the
surveyed businesses comes in contact with environmental programs
(e.g. permitting or planning requirements).

The August 16 draft will include a statistical analysis of the survey
results and should run about 25 pages of text and 25 pages of tables.
If you would like to review the hundreds of pages of statistics or the
raw survey results (in SAS format) on which the draft will be based,
please call Ohad Jehassi (202-260-8617) immediately. Also, if you
know of an individual who would like to comment but does not have
access to the listserv, please contact Mr. Jehassi.

The full study, including a compilation of everyone#s comments, will be
finalized and published within the next few months.

Thank you in advance for your comments on the draft study.

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