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From: Matt Kaarlela (
Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 14:46:39 CDT

Ed, I believe the task of estimating potential risk from such a wide variety
of environmental regulations will prove difficult because of the variety
from state to state. I can't speak for other states but one source you might
want to look at in Texas is the enforcement action summary published in the
state register. Other states probably have similar documents that would be
of some assistance.

As for your example of citrus vs. solvent based cleaners. It seems obvious
the citrus based cleaner would be preferred but answers aren't always clear
cut. I worked with a screen printer in Texas who made the switch from
solvent to citrus based cleaners in a screen wash unit and all was well at
first. After about 3 months, the system broke down and required a costly
overhaul. They discovered the citrus based product degraded seals and
bushings. Initial testing showed no problems but time proved
otherwise.Chemical resistant replacement parts were available but were
special order and very costly Which products are better? No easy answers...

>I am working on a project to develop a tool for the printing industry to
>evaluate potential liability. The purpose is to allow printers to
>measure the difference in potential liability among different process
>options; e.g., how much would liability decrease by switching from a
>solvent to a citrus-based cleaner. Such information would allow printers
>to make better decisions regarding their operations.
>I am trying to get a handle on what the potential liabilities facing a
>printing shop are. Superfund? RCRA fines? State fines? Litigation
>damages from personal injury or property damage suits? etc. I would
>greatly appreciate any info or insight anyone might have on what issues
>are pertinent and what data might be available.
>Ed Reiskin
>Tellus Institute

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