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Minnesota Air Quality Rules for Printers

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I wanted to recap and clarify what Minnesota's air quality rules are
as they relate to printers.

Minnesota's permit thresholds, based on potential to emit, are the
same as the federal thresholds for VOCs and HAPs. There are no ozone
non-attainment areas in Minnesota at this time. Minnesota has a lower
permit threshold for PM10, of 25 tons per year. This may be a concern
for facilities with paper dust, if their dust collection systems are
vented outside the building.

Minnesota does have an "insignificant activity" level for VOCs. No
permit is needed if the facility has no other significant sources of
air emissions. The insignificant activity level is a facility-wide
purchase or usage of less than 200 gallons per year of VOCs (note: not
VOC materials, but VOCs) based on a 12-month rolling sum. Records
must be kept to show that 200 gal/yr. is not exceeded.

For printers that do need an air emission permit, there are several
 The simplest choice is called an Option B registration permit. This
allows purchase or usage of up to 2,000 gallons per year of
VOC-containing materials, based on a 12-month rolling sum. There can
be no other significant sources of air emissions beside VOCs.

The next type of commonly used permit is an Option D registration
 This permit allows actual emissions up to half of the federal permit
thresholds. For VOCs and HAPs, the emission calculation is typically
a material balance. Compliance is based on a 12-month rolling sum,
with calculations based on either purchase or use of VOC materials.
For facilities with higher actual emissions, there are state permits
(typically, synthetic minor permits for Part 70) and Part 70 permits.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Please feel free to call me
with questions. Barbara Conti, MN SBAP 612-296-7767 (direct)

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