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re: (Fwd) Permit Reward for P2?

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Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 08:57:37 CST

Marci... thanks for boosting the Massachusetts Printers Partnership (MP2)
regarding it's simplification and streamlining of permitting. In fact, for
most printers below major air source status, it will eliminate the need for
any formal permits at all. We had our first workshop for printers yesterday
and it was well received. The MP2 workbook and Self Certification Satetment
should be finalized as soon as we finish with comments from that workshop,
and will be available on a limited basius soon after that.
However, I think that some of the later developments and changes have moved
P2 much more to the fore in this project. Included in the 36 questions of
the self-certification statement (SCS), approximately one fourth of the
questions reklate specifically to P2 practices, including evaluation or use
of less toxic materials, process modifications, etc. There are some areas
where our regulatory sections have been set up to encourage a "best available
P2 techgnology" approach. In recordkeeping requirements for fountain
solutions, facilities using straight alcohol replacement (no alcohol) in
fountains must merely record the product name, % VOC and amnount used each
month. Printers (litho) using alcohol have to stay within 5% unrefrigerated
or 8% refrigerated (60 deg F), and will have to record the components of
their fountain solution every time they mix a new batch.
There are numerous areas where P2 comes to the fore, and we hope to
demonstrate this quantitatively when the evaluation of the project begins
this summer. In addition, we hope to bring the majority of printers into the
system under the moratorium so there will be no risk for minor violations or
lack of permits.

Again, thanks for the favorable comments on the project, and we're grateful
for the excellent input you've provided on behalf of screen printers.

Questions, comments to George Frantz, MA OTA
617-727-3260, x631, (fx) 617-727-3827, email:

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