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Re: categorical discharge limits for printers

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Date: Wed Nov 08 1995 - 02:41:09 CST


On Wed, 8 Nov 1995 wrote:

> One of our engineers is looking for any CFR reference or categorical
> discharge limit for printers... any print sector, or anything that would
> effect all printers. I'm unaware of such a CFR standard, but would
> appreciate either a confirmation or better information.

There are no categorical pretreament standards for printers. The industry
was studied by USEPA in the late 1970's and early 1980's and on Friday
September 30, 1983 the industry was excluded from regulation under the
Clean Water Act (48 FR 44782). In the decision, EPA stated "Tentative
finding is that no significant amounts of toxic pollutants are present"
in the process wastewaters from printing processes or subprocess (except
for platemaking that geneterates heavy metals and gravure cylinder
preparation) and so EPA "postponed indefinitely" any further
consideration to establish federal guidelines and pretreatment standards.

Since this decision, virtually all lithographic platemaking activities
have changed to the photopolymer surface type and not acid etching. For
those lithographers using the bimetallic plates, this waste stream is
typically recycled. It is my understanding that all gravure cylinder
preparation has also dramatically changed because they are now dry
engraved with no acids used to etch the cylinders.

Contact me at 412/621-6941 for more information.

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