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Re: Ink VOC retention
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:41:35 EST

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:41:35 EST
Subject: Re: Ink VOC retention


I just received your email to PNEAC regarding VOC emissions from offset ink. From
your email, I am going to assume that the printer you are working with
is a sheetfed offset lithographer and it is true that there is very little
VOC emissions from these ink systems. They dry by absorption and oxidation.
The ink solvents have very low vapor pressures and high boiling points. As a
result, only 5% of the VOC content is considered emitted. This has been
recognized by both EPA in the draft CTG for Offset Lithography released in
November 1993 and more recently by the PADEP in the general permit for
sheetfed presses. The permit contains approved examples and assumptions for
the printer to use in determining VOC emissions. The permit is in the DEP
home page, but if you cannot obtain a copy, I can email you one. If you need
to speak to someone at DEP, you can check with Doug Lesher or Krish
Ramamurthy. If you want a copy of the pertinent sections of the CTG, let me
know I will fax them to you.

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