Ask PNEAC Archive: Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 22:53:39 CST

From: "Wayne Pferdehirt" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 22:53:39 CST
Subject: Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

If you are unable to find an ink that eliminates VOCs at the source, another option is
recovery of VOCs and reuse of solvents. I am aware of a portable unit sold by QTI
that is designed for recovery of VOCs from inkjet printing. See:


An inquiry was recently posted from the PNEAC web site requesting information about
low VOC ink-jet inks. I have been able to locate two suppliers, one is in the Philippines
the other in Illinois. Does anyone have any information and suppliers of water based
and/or lower VOC ink-jet inks?

The following is technical information the originator provided to me:
The sorting machine is an AFSM sorting machine, with an ink jet printer,
printing bar codes and cancellation marks on the stamps. The FT214
ketone/alcohol ink is mixed with an FT215 additive, also made by Image S.A.,
and is a Ketone/alcohol additive.

Thank you for your input,

Debra Jacobson

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