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Ink used in U.S.

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Subject: Ink used in U.S.

A recent article in Graphic Arts Monthly magazine, <www,>,
listed a total dollar amount used to purchase inks, $4.4Billion. I am not
sure how much ink this purchased. There is a trade organization, the
National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers, which may tally such
things. Their web site is <>. You may wish to contact James
Coleman, <>, who is listed on their contacts page as
the 'facts and figures' person.

If you are interested in reporting on ways to reduce the use of printing
inks, PNEAC has a fact sheet,
<>, which describes some
general ideas. Another idea is for printers to recycle inks. Check out
<> for more ideas.

Thanks for using PNEAC. I hope that you can use the information.


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> how much ink is used in the U.S. yearly?i need this information for a report i'm doing in school.



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