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The product you are looking for is a tough one. Ink companies focus their
efforts on exactly the opposite of what you want. They build inks that
won't wash out and will hold up longer than the fabric. I have consulted
with an ink chemist at my own company as well as one I respect at a
competitor and they both gave me the same answer.

What you want is possible. The key would be an ink without a binder that
contains a pigment that has no staying power. The main components of a
waterbase ink are water, binder (holds the pigment in the fabric), a pigment
for color, and a thickener to give an ink a consistency that makes it
screenable. Ink companies reject pigments that won't bind to a fabric so
what you need is one that ink companies don't have. Both chemists
recommended that your best bet was probably a food grade coloring that could
be added to a water/thickener combination. Any reputable ink supplier could
supply the thickener.

They suggested a good blue or purple coloring. Try diluting some in water,
daub it on some fabric and wash test it. If it comes out, add thickener and
you have a product.

Let me know how it goes and I would be happy to help.


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We are searching for "the impossible?" A screen printing textile ink for
use in applying an embroidery pattern to cotton, linen, etc. cloth which,
when the embroidery is completed, can be washed completely out by water or
non-chemical methods. Any suggestions or supplier leads would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.



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