Ask PNEAC Archive: FDA approved inks?

FDA approved inks?

Robert Gifford (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:57:23 -0500

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From: "Robert Gifford" <>
Subject: FDA approved inks?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:57:23 -0500

Inks and papers are not approved by the FDA for food contact. Instead, there
are performance guidelines for them to be acceptable in this application.
This topic has been discussed on the Printech listserv and is archived at

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On 27 Sep 99, at 14:19, PNEAC_customer wrote:

> ---------------------------------------------
> I am looking for the FDA guidelines regarding
> litho printing for food packaging or materials
> that will be in contact with food.
> I am told there are FDA approved papers and inks.
> Thanks for your help.



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