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Sat, 6 Nov 1999 14:50:22 -0500

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Subject: Re: Laser vs Ink jet
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 14:50:22 -0500

Both inkjet and laser printers will produce acceptable invoices and
printouts of general account data. However, from my own personal
experience, I prefer a laser printer because you can highlight the printing
and it will not smear. A document printed with an inkjet printer is more
prone to smearing - this can be troublesome when you are the recipient of
the invoice and begin marking it up for payment.

Just be sure when selecting a printer that it can handle the paper size
(legal, letter, ledger, postcards, envelopes, labels, etc.) and type of
paper (such as cardstock, paper, overhead transparencies) that you may need
to output in the future. Printing speed is another factor to consider (the
number of pages per minute), along with the need for color vs. black/white.
These features are as important as the type of printer (laser vs. inkjet).

One last item to compare is the price and output of the ink/laser
replacement cartridge when considering the purchase price of the printer.
There is a wide range of prices and # of printed pages per cartridge, and
the prices for the cartridges vary widely.

Karen Gross
Marble Enterprises Inc.

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> What sort of printers are best suited to producing invoices and general
accounts data? Is a laser printer necessary or are alternative printers
available that will still provide quality output?



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