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Spent solvent for plotters

Deb Jacobson (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:36:28 -0500

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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:36:28 -0500
From: Deb Jacobson <>
Subject: Spent solvent for plotters

Are you referring to cleaning solvent used on plotters for maps, etc? If the
material you are referring to is 100% solvent (minus residues from cleaning) a
simple alternative treatment option is solvent distillation (a.k.a. solvent
recovery). The solvent can be distilled on-site (you purchase a small solvent
still) or sent to a contractor who will perform the distillation for you. You
then have the option to take the material back and reuse it in or your
or if using a vendor they can re-sell the reclaimed material.

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Debra Jacobson

At 09:12 AM 10/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
>This Ask PNEAC question is from:
>Are there recycle options for a Versatec plotters spent solvent? I work
for a
major oil company and to date all I know to do is sending to a hazardous waste
site for thermal fuel.
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