Ask PNEAC Archive: Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

Deb Jacobson (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:16:39 -0500

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:16:39 -0500
From: Deb Jacobson <>
Subject: Re: Question re/ Reducing Alcohol Based Ink Usage

Thank you for your inquiry. To appropriately answer your question we
need some additional information.

What is the printing process/technology they are utilizing? (i.e., gravure,
flexographic, screen printing)
Are these sorting machines applying a coating of some kind or simply applying
an address or graphic of some sort?

We look forward to your reply. Regards,

Debra Jacobson

>This Ask PNEAC question is from:
>I am currently working with a Canada
>Post facility, developing several P2
>projects, one of which involves the
>replacement of some alcohol based inks
>used in their sorting machines with
>water based inks. I am looking for any
>advice on methods to find suitable
>replacements for these inks, as they
>do not want to change the quality of
>the ink, nor their compatability with
>the machine it is used with. An example
>of one of these inks in the FT214
>product from Image S.A.
>Any advice/information you could provide
>would be greatly appreciated
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