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Re: VOCs and how to reduce them
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 01:11:02 EST

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 01:11:02 EST
Subject: Re: VOCs and how to reduce them


The answer to your question is not an easy one as it involves some rather
complicated issues. Nevertheless, I will try to give you a quick answer and
if you want more information, please let me know.

VOC is an acronym that means Volatile Organic Compound. VOCs are those
materials that are considered photochemically reactive which means they will
form ozone in the lower atmoshpere. Ozone in the lower atmosphere is a
component of smog and has been shown to cause damage to human health and the
environment. EPA and state/local air pollution control agencies have
developed regulations to reduce VOC emissions for a variety of sources
ranging from business and industry to consumer products and gasoline for

The best approach to reduce VOC emissions is not use VOC containing materials
at all. This is difficult to actually accomplish so the next best approach
would be to use products that contain low levels of VOC or products that
contain VOCs that do not easily or readily evaporate. Another approach would
be to use more of the substances on a short list of chemicals that are not
considered VOC.

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