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Hazards of photography chemicals

Deb Jacobson (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:14:36 -0600

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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:14:36 -0600
From: Deb Jacobson <>
Subject: Hazards of photography chemicals

The silver council's code of management practices can probably give you
the information you are looking for. Their web site is linked on PNEAC's
but you can also go directly there Once at the site click on the "Codes of
icon and select the Code of Management Practices document.

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Debra Jacobson

At 12:45 PM 11/18/99 -0600, PNEAC Webmaster wrote:
>>Dear Sir or Madame
>> I have a question that i hope you will be able to help me with. I
>am doing research on the hazards of photography chemicals. Such as the
>proper disposal, harmful effects, etc. I was hoping to access some
>information from your site. If you don't have any records or research on
>this topic would you know who would?
>> Sincerely
Debra Jacobson (formerly Kramer)
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