Printech Archive, November, 1999: Re: Insufficient COD reduction, Is sludge hazardous?

Re: Insufficient COD reduction, Is sludge hazardous?

Patricia Bastos (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:46:44 -0600

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:46:44 -0600
To: Deb Jacobson <>
From: Patricia Bastos <>
Subject: Re: Insufficient COD reduction, Is sludge hazardous?


Thanks again for your attention.

Here are the answers to your questions:

In reference to the physical/chemical waste treatment:
The wastewater is introduced in the system with COD = 25,000 mg O2/l.
The treatment is carried out with NaOH and Al2(SO4)3 as a flocculent. An
anionic polymer is also used before solid being settled..
The mixture is "hand made".
The detention time is about 12 hours.
The treatment is carried out in batch, with an amount of 1000 liters each 2
No filters are used.

Regarding all of those characteristics, which treatment would be more appropriate?
The efluent, using the our current treatment comes out with 3000 mg O2/liter (the
limit according to our legal requirements is 150 mgO2/liter). We are planning to
deliver a test using UV treatment trying to reduce that amout. Do you think that
would be a good option? Is this kind of treatment usual in the US and Canada?

I look forward for hearing from you.

Best regards


> wrote:
>> Hi Patricia-
>> Attached is an email from Deb Jacobson at Illinois' Waste Management and
>> Resource Center with some additional questions for you before she can
>> your questions. Deb's email is
>> Also, Doreen Monteleone, with the Flexographic Technical Association,
>> with Deb's questions and has offered to provide you with equipment or ink
>> supplier information if you need it. Please contact her directly at
>> or 516-737-6020.
>> I'll forward you more information as I get it.
>> Karen Doerschug
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>> tel 202-260-0695
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