Printech Archive, November, 1999: Re: Pressing Ergonomics Problem

Re: Pressing Ergonomics Problem
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 17:52:42 -0500

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 17:52:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Pressing Ergonomics Problem

The Safety List is an EXCELLENT resource for safety and health professionals.
It has over 2300 members who are willing to share their knowledge and experience
in the field of occupational safety and health. Visit to sign up. If you have trouble let me know. I
highly recommend it.

Rob Lindsay, CSP,OHST
Safety Manager
United States Playing Card Co.

Robert Gifford <> on 11/17/99 08:19:31 PM

Please respond to

To: Printech posting address <>
cc: (bcc: Rob Lindsay/US/USPC)

Subject: Re: Pressing Ergonomics Problem


> From: "Lovensheimer, Betsy" <>
> The email noted above refers to a safety list. What is this and how can one
> participate?
> Betsy Lovensheimer

* Robert Gifford
* Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC), and
* Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center (PNEAC)
* 610 Langdon Street rm 531
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