Printech Archive, September, 1999: Re: Digital Imaging to Reduce Silver Waste

Re: Digital Imaging to Reduce Silver Waste

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 17:27:06 CST

From: "Wayne Pferdehirt" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 17:27:06 CST
Subject: Re: Digital Imaging to Reduce Silver Waste

> Is there much room for the application of digital technology in printing
> a means to reduce film waste and the need for silver
> recovery??

A couple of resources on use of digital technology by printers:

The PNEAC/SGIA 12/98 videoconference, "Using Screen Printing
Technologies for Business and Environmental Success," included a
session overviewing current and evolving digital pre-press technologies for
screen printers. There was also an in-plant case study of the first U.S.
screen printer to implement large-format computer-to-screen technology.

In April 2000, PNEAC and FTA will be broadcasting a videoconference for
flexographers, "High Performance Flexo: Printing with a Greener, Cleaner
Image." We will have a case study (being filmed later this month) of one of
the first U.S. companies to implement digitall imaged flexo plates.


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