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Re: Screen Reclamation Waste Water Recovery

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There are quite a number of companies that manufacture waste water systems
for the screen industry. There is so much info running around in the trade
press I am surprised that they are not aware of them. Here are a couple of

My best recommendation is for them to work through a couple of industry
distributors in their local market...people that they are already buying
supplies from. A couple that come to mind in that market are:

Midwest Sign and Screen Supply 800-242-7430

UV Process Supply 800-621-1296

Atlas/Control Process Supply 800-621-4173

And, it would be good for them to plan to attend the SGIA show in Las Vegas
in October. All of the vendors will be displaying products of the type that
they need. Check the website at

Mike Ukena

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I have been working with a intern from the Illinois EPA who is assisting a
local decal screen printer. The screen printer has been having problems
with meeting the local discharge limits for BOD and suspended solids and is
interested in installing a waste water filtration and water recirculation
system. Does anyone have suggested vendors for this type of equipment?

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