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Re: Flexo ink separation
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 17:14:48 EDT


There are several different companies that offer ink/water separation
technology for water-based flexo inks. I would think that the same technology
would work for the waste cleaning water. The blue color is a result of the
pigment suspended in solution and the goal is to separate the pigment from
the water. Most technologies will treat the waste by removing the solids
(e.g., pigments and resins) from the solvent (water, surfactants,
co-solvents). The solvent can usually be discharged to the POTW and the
solids disposed as nonhazardous waste. However, it would be prudent to
profile the solids via TCLP prior to sending off-site for disposal.

One of our member companies printing on corrugated substrate with water-based
inks investigated several companies and decided to use a membrane filtration
approach offered by Dynatec located in New Jersey. Their phone number is
609/387-0330. Other companies include DuBois USA in Ohio at 800/438-2647,
Environmental Recovery Resources in New York at 914/241-2827, Alar in
Illinois at 708/479-6100, Ink Splitter in Ohio at 440/232-6900, Brinecell in
Utah at 801/532-5600, Beckert Environmental in Ill at 312/949-4790.

Let me know which technology works as we could possibly write a case study
and post on PNEAC.

Gary Jones



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