Printech Archive, July, 1999: Re: Flexo ink separation

Re: Flexo ink separation

Matt Kaarlela (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:52:11 -0500

There may be an easier way to do it for water based flexo inks but I had a
similar color problem with the screen printing operation I used to work
for. I ended up doing batch treatment of screenprinting effluent to remove
the color from the water. I had good success by adding a simple coagulant
and adjusting pH to encourage the pigment to clump and then pumping through
a roll filter set up that used a float switch to advance the filter roll as
it clogged. The city required me to do confirmation samples of the batch
tank after treatment the first couple of times. After they saw it was
working fine, they allowed me to discharge directly to POTW after treatment.

>We received the following request for infomation and would appreciate any
>help we can get:
>I'm doing some consulting with a medium sized SE Nebraska printshop.
>use water-based UV inks on their flexo web press. The problem they're
>having is with the cleaning water. They discharge to the POTW and are
>running into contamination problems. Blue color is showing up in the
>effluent. How can they solve this problem?
>I've heard about ink splitters/separators. Can you give me technical,
>product, and/or processing information to help solve this problem? Any
>references to other sources of info will also be totally appreciated. The
>problem is pressing, so I need a response ASAP. Thanks for your time.



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