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Re: Company Environmental Statement

Jeff Adrian (
22 Jul 99 08:17:37 -0500

Re: Company Environmental Statement 7/22/99

ur Pollution Prevention Policy may be found on our web site:<>.
Click anywhere on the first page, then click on #4 Environment to view. We also have a very brief Environmental Policy:

"The John Roberts Company is committed to managing all of its operations in an environmentally sound manner. We intend to involve our employees, our suppliers and our customers in the principle that to conduct businessat expense of the environment around is simply unacceptable. Through awareness, understancding, education and action we will minimize our intrusion on the environment."

This Environmental Policy is deliberately kept short with the belief that a short and simple policy best expresses our VALUES. If our employees cannot describe our Environmental Policy, at least in their own words, then the question becomes: Do you really have a policy? Or just some fancy words on a piece of paper?

Also, please note that we keep GOALS and OBJECTIVES out of our policies in the belief that if our VALUES are working, then over time our goals and objectives should change in the continuum of environmental improvement. Our goals and objectives are listed in a separate document.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Jeff Adrian
Director, Environment & Safety
The John Roberts Company

Lechner, Wendy wrote:
>PIA has been contacted by a member who is looking for a written
>environmental mission statement for their company. They indicated that
>some of their customers have asked such things as: what they do to
>comply with state and federal requirements, what they do to seek out
>environmentally friendly supplies, why don't they include information on
>their printed products that indicate what they've done to be
>environmentally friendly, and why don't they share MSDS about their
>products. >
>While we can provide info on where to find out about some of these
>items, it would be very helpful for her to see what other printers have
>done regarding a statement and how they've addressed these issues.
>Can anyone give us some ideas on this? You're welcome to email me
>directly. Thanks much.
>Wendy Lechner
>Legislative Director
>Printing Industries of America
>100 Daingerfield Rd.
>Alexandria, VA 22314



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